Frustrated clients and missed opportunities

There is a consistent message in the UK market right now that booking meetings and events is a genuine challenge. I experienced this myself in the last few weeks, and it made me realise the scale of the problem and the vast impact on clients and venues. 

Intermediaries and corporates alike are struggling to get the service they deserve, and all point to some consistent challenges at venue operation level:  

  1. Getting through to the right people with the capability to deal with the enquiry
  2. Insufficient venue staff not responding to email and electronic enquiry requests
  3. Bottlenecks to supply the paperwork or proposals to validate the discussions with the customers in a formal proposal

Customer experience is at an all-time low and very hit and miss. It is creating some serious brand problems for many of the underperforming venues.

Sales teams are also facing the challenge of sifting through all enquiries they receive. There may be lots of enquiries coming in, but are they efficiently converting the best prospects? The inevitable results are significant missed opportunities daily. 

All this leads to market uncertainty and lack of trust, but it is an excellent opportunity for those who can get it right.

It’s paramount to give sales teams the right tools to help them prioritise high-value opportunities. And to make sure those proposals that will drive the best margins are presented in a way that will maximise the conversions.

  • When you examine your current business state, are you being responsive enough to this need in the market?
  • Are you drowning in emails and not responding within professional timelines?
  • Do you want more staff but don’t have the budget to cover them or you cannot find them?

With my hotelier background, I always strive to offer my clients a world-class experience. It translates to sustainable business and bottom-line profit performance.

We cannot just accept the current status quo and must look for new ways to solve those challenges and create new opportunities.

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