What does it take to be an entrepreneur? My journey from Syrian refugee to start-up founder!

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I wanted to share a short story with you, about my journey, my name is Nour Mouakke and I want to tell you about what it takes to be a Syrian Refugee, start-up sole founder and entrepreneur. It might make you wake up in the morning and think “today is not such a bad day after all…”

Those of you who know me personally will think I have a passion for life and energy to get things done. Words like positivity, hope, resilience and determination are how I approach life. It’s a good job that I have this kind of outlook since the war in my homeland Syria, has destroyed much of my home city of Aleppo, and has not allowed me to see my family for nearly 9 years.

I don’t want this to be a sob story. However, I want it to be a demonstration of how, with the right attitude, you can achieve your dreams.

In 2017, I became homeless with no money; my wonderful friend Nick hosted me and offered help. Wizme, my company, was revived out of opportunity a dear friend Paul Tilstone, who is partner at Festive Road, gave me. He approached me on behalf of Advantage Travel Partnership to present in front of 100+ agency owners. I couldn’t miss out on such a golden opportunity.

I had less than two months to prepare, and I literally had nothing, but I had my idea for Wizme! I bet against the odds and hustled my way and managed to build a prototype, and I made it to the event. The rest is history! You can follow the whole story in this accompanying infographic.

A big shoutout to all my friends who have supported me and my project, to my brother for his incredible support and patience, to my brilliant team for their dedication and commitment, and to all my investors and advisors for their continuous support. This story is about myself and the Wizme team.

If you’d like to collaborate or invest and be part our magical journey, please contact me at nour@wizme.com.

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